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Rubik’s Cube expert solves six cubes in record time

Plugged In

Over the past few years, engineers have developed fascinating robots built solely to solve Rubik’s Cubes.

Kevin Hays is proof that us weak, fleshy humans still have some fight left.

The 19-year-old ‘speedcuber’ from Renton, Washington shows off his absurd skills by completing six increasingly complex cubes in just 6 minutes and 23 seconds, smashing the previous world record by a good 30 seconds. He starts off with a simple 2x2 cube, moves on to the traditional 3x3 cube, and then goes bonkers by plowing through a 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and impossibly complicated 7x7 cube. All without breaking a sweat. Or a finger.

It’s not the first record for the renowned speedcuber. In August, Hays solved a 6x6 cube in record time. He’s been at it since his freshman year in high school, though it’s not just tons of practice that’s turned him into a champ. It’s serious brainpower.

“There isn’t really a secret to my success, but the advanced method for solving Rubik’s Cubes does involve knowing a large number of algorithms,” he told Seattlepi at the time. “I know about 120 different algorithms for different potential patterns that can occur during a solve.”

Show off.

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