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Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple Fans with Ad Campaign

Plugged In

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzz Log

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Apple has long had a reputation for its hipper-than-thou supporters, who believe the company can do no wrong. Rival Samsung is poking fun at Apple's fanboys and fangirls  with a new string of ads.

One of the ads features urban-dwelling 20-somethings standing in line outside a shop that looks a lot like a typical Apple store. The customers (who rock the white earphones, natch) appear excited about their upcoming purchase until along comes a person with a Samsung. This outsider shows off the speed of his Samsung phone, which Apple can't match. The Apple fans look dejected. Cue the sad trombone.

Another ad features Apple fans expressing disappointment that the new iPhone (which is never named, but of course we all know that's what they're talking about) looks just like the old one. Along comes a Samsung customer (who looks way cooler than the dirty nerds who camped out) showing off his new phone, which features turn-by-turn directions. "We've been Samsunged," moans a camper.

The ads are funny in their own right, but they become especially amusing when you consider Apple's past campaign that ripped on PCs and their users. Apple has now become the standard, and the standard gets mocked. Here's one more. This one nails all the Apple stereotypes. Plaid shirts, fancy coffee, hoodies. As Edible Apple puts it, "It's funny because it's true."

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