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Schizo Spider-Man spins an impressive web this week

Plugged In

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Activision

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Platforms: X360, PS3, Wii, DS

Feeling a bit tingly,
comic fan? Don't freak out -- that's just your Spidey sense working
overtime. And for good reason: your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler
is making a rare appearance on consoles this week.

Trouble is, you might not recognize him.

for pretty much every game system, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
features four different versions of the famous crime-fighter, each
drawn from an alternate universe explored in the comics: the iconic
Amazing Spider-Man, the potent Ultimate Spider-Man, the dark Noir
Spider-Man and the futuristic Spider-Man 2099. Why so many Spideys?
Blame that on an inter-dimensional rift caused by enigmatic Spidey
nemesis Mysterio...or credit the game's developers for coming up with a
good excuse for cramming multiple Spideys into one game.

So are four webheads better than one? According to game critics, it sure looks like it. Though reviews are just crawling in, it's already earned some solid marks.

"The action in Shattered Dimensions is almost schizophrenic, but it's never boring," claims Game Informer in an 8.5/10 review. "Usually in a game like this, half the action ends up feeling unpolished, but [developer] Beenox avoids that pitfall while making all
of Shattered Dimensions' disparate game types flow seamlessly together."

GamePro is on the same page, giving Shattered Dimensions a stellar 4.5/5 and raving about its cast of Spideys.

"I've never heard better voice acting in a Spider-Man game before," writes
reviewer McKinley Noble. "Beenox and Activision did a smart thing by
hiring the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel Barnes,
John DiMaggio, and Jim Cummings." He goes on to deem it "easily one of
the best Spider-Man games I've played yet."

IGN is a little less enthusiastic in their 8/10 review. While they praised some of the level designs and boss fights, they had a hard time getting past the "completely flat"

"The story itself is weak," insists Hilary Goldstein. "Spider-Man goes from level to level chasing and then beating a boss to collect a piece of the tablet… that is the plot. Spoilers."

But while Game Informer didn't care much for the tale, either ("it's the
kind of hackneyed plot that was fashionable in the '60s"), that's
hardly a dealbreaker. "It's one of the best Spider-Man titles in recent
memory, if not the best Spider-Man title to date," the publication
concludes. Sounds like this web is well worth a spin.

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Also Available This Week:

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Disney

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Platforms: PSP

do get when you cross a Japanese role-playing game with a huge cast of
iconic Disney characters? You get another entry in the uber-popular
Kingdom Hearts series, this time a prequel exclusive to the Sony PSP.
Fans of the Mouse House will dig exploring famous locales, while gamers
will appreciate the revamped, action/role-playing gameplay. If you
consider yourself a bit of both, don't miss it.

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NHL 11 - EA

NHL 11

Platforms: X360, PS3

and baseball may be getting all the sports love right now, but the
upcoming NHL season is only a month away, too. Get a jump on the puck
with the latest version of EA's hit franchise. Sequel to the
highly-rated NHL 10, the new game adds new teams, a new physics-based
engine and a new Hit Stick for seriously big checks.

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NHL Slapshot - EA

NHL Slapshot

Platforms: Wii

what if you own a Wii? Never fear -- EA's got you covered there too
with Slapshot, their very first NHL Wii game. It's not as
simulation-oriented as its console teammates, but Slapshot's got one
thing the 360 and PS3 games don't: a working hockey stick peripheral
that lets you (supposedly) play like the pros. Color us skeptical.

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Wedding Dash 4Ever - PlayFirst

Wedding Dash 4-Ever
Platforms: Yahoo! Games

meets bridezilla in the fourth Wedding Dash game. Help keep the finicky
couples from freaking out by greeting, seating and feeding them before
they turn the wedding into a circus. With several neat twists and over
50 levels of insanity, it's one of the better receptions you'll attend
this year.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Warner Bros.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Platforms: Wii, DS

Spidey is going all split-personality this week, Batman is staying true
to his beat 'em-up roots in this colorful, family-friendly Wii brawler.
Based on the popular The Brave and the Bold animated series, it lets
you knock heads as the Caped Crusader, his pal Robin or a wealth of
other DC characters. It's a real looker, too, featuring impressive
cartoon graphics that have already turned the heads of grumpy game

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R.U.S.E. - UbiSoft


Platforms: X360, PS3, PC

you rather lie and win, or be truthful and lose? If you chose the
latter, Mr. Goody Two Shoes, you might want to avoid this innovative
real-time strategy game, because R.U.S.E. is all about deception. Build
decoys, drape units in camouflage, decrypt your opposition's orders --
it's all fair game in this unfair game.

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The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World - GameHouse

The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World

Platforms: Yahoo! Games

Miranda and her robot buddy Sprocket track down her missing parents in
this gorgeous hidden-object sequel. A little steampunk, a little
whimsy, and a lot of fun for fans of point-and-click adventures.

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