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Shaq tries to tame Tiger in kung-fu golf fight

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Exit the dragon, enter the Tiger...and Shaq.

The affable ex-baller seems cozy enough co-hosting TNT's Inside the NBA, but Shaquille O' Neal is also a big fan of martial arts. He's starred in his own wonderfully lousy fighting game, trains in MMA, and even had the nerve to playfully challenge UFC legend Chuck Liddell.

That fight (thankfully) never happened, but the Big Van Damme apparently has another athlete in his sights: Tiger Woods, who presumably killed Shaq's master, and now Shaq wants revenge. Or perhaps vice versa. Forget the story, and strap yourself in for a ridiculous confrontation between Tiger "Crimson Cat" Woods and Shaquille "Swinging Giant" O' Neal as they battle it out while promoting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13:

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The kung-fu spoof is pretty spot-on, from the inaccurate voice dubbing to the fantastic intro and outro sequences. The only thing missing? A Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cameo. No offense to Shaq, but the guy fought Bruce Lee.

The game releases on March 27.

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