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Show your Nintendo love with these Zelda wedding rings

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(Credit: Zsolt Szekely)

Are you a young Link who has finally knocked Ganon out of the picture and wooed your Princess Zelda? Or maybe just a really, really big fan of the seminal Nintendo series?

Have we got the rings for you!

Zsolt Székely, a creator of precision crafted jewelry, is responsible for this awesome pair of Zelda-themed wedding bands. Sporting an outward facing Tri-Force symbol, the rings also have an engraving on the inside for both halves of the couple reading "It's dangerous to go through life alone" -- a nod to a classic moment from the original Legend of Zelda.

The rings were a custom job. The groom-to-be, says Székely, came in with an idea that he wanted the Tri-Force on the ring, but Székely suggested a few additions that made it stand out.

"I said I can do that, but I can enhance the whole ring to give it an exclusive look," he told Yahoo! Games. "We can have a white gold sleeve in the ring. This way, the white gold will shine through the triangle shaped piercings."

As word of the rings has gotten out, Székely says he has seen a number of inquiries about similar designs and has a few other Tri-Force pieces of jewelry in mind. So far, though, no one has ponied up the money to buy their own rings.

"I received a number of inquiries — and I'm thinking when it comes to it, this may translate to orders down the road," he says.

After all, wedding rings aren't cheap — especially custom jobs. While he declined to say what the Zelda-loving couple paid for these rings, he did note that recreating them could range anywhere from $850 to $1,150, depending on ring size and materials used.

That's gonna take a giant treasure chest to pay for.

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