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Plugged In

Skate park transformed into massive pinball machine

Plugged In

Bumper Jack

Tommy might play a mean pinball, but can he ollie? If he wants to tackle this completely awesome pinball table in West Auckland, New Zealand, he better learn.

Built in just over two weeks at the cost of about $500,000, it looks just like a huge pinball machine -- except instead of using flippers to slap around a shiny silver ball, players become the ball themselves by whipping around its slopes and kickflipping off its bumpers on skateboards. It even comes complete with a giant plunger to start you off:

All that pinball insanity isn't just for show, either. Sensors have been spread throughout the park, triggering lights, sounds and even allowing skaters to score points as they glide around the table. Thirty skaters will have a go at it this weekend in a tournament, but after that it will be open to regular visitors for the rest of the month.


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