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Skylanders come to iOS in ‘Cloud Patrol’

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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol (Activision)

Just what we needed: another reason to collect Skylanders.

Now that the immensely popular toy/game franchise has conquered your game console, raided your toy store and flooded your eBay, it's taking aim at your iWhatever. On Thursday, Activision released Skylanders: Cloud Patrol exclusively on the App Store.

The 99-cent game is sort of a fancy Fruit Ninja. Players simply tap the screen to shoot down baddies while avoiding game-ending bombs, or trigger combos by sliding their fingers across a few enemies at once, which nets a hefty chunk of the game's currency. And like any affordable iOS game these days, microtransactions will let players drop real coin to get a leg up.

It also works just like its console kin by letting players warp their real-world Skylanders toys into the game using special codes bundled in retail packages.

Good luck finding those, however.  The Skylanders toys have pretty much flown off shelves since their release last October. Rare figures are fetching insane prices online despite the fact that they have no special in-game powers (a gold version of Chop Chop plays just like a regular Chop Chop.) But rare is rare, and collectors are still going gaga over the transmedia toys.

A new console game, Skylanders Giants, will be released later this year.

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