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New Skyrim expansion coming in September

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(Credit: Bethesda)

After a long day of taking arrows in the knee, it's nice to have somewhere to kick up your feet.

Hearthfire, the next downloadable expansion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will let players purchase land and build houses from the ground up. The add-on is set to release for the Xbox 360 on September 4 for 400 Microsoft points. There's no set date at this point for a PC or PS3 version.

It's a step in a different direction for Bethesda, which has previously focused a bit heavier on the action elements of Skyrim. Beyond building a house, you'll also be able to adopt children with this expansion — an addendum to the game's marriage system.

Yep. Little Dragonborns could be running around the house screaming "Fus Ro Dah!" with a toddler's lisp.

The expansion isn't a level creation kit. You'll basically be able to buy a deed, then build the house from things you've crafted.

Once you've found a lot, built the home and customized it to your dreams, you'll spend some time doing what every homeowner has to do: keeping the neighbors away. Bethesda says you'll have to "guard [your home] from unwanted visitors." That sounds to us an awful lot like a guy down the street who keeps wanting to borrow tools, but never returns them. Seeing as you spend a good part of the game breaking and entering into other peoples' homes, there's a sense of irony that you'll have to guard your own home from intruders.

Hearthfire is the second expansion for Skyrim. The first, Dawnguard, hit earlier this summer.

Skyrim has been a big seller for Bethesda. In its first week alone, the game racked up more than $450 million in global sales. It also became the fastest selling PC game in the history of Valve's Steam digital distribution service.

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