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Slumming Celebs: Cheesy Video Game Appearances

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They might be more photogenic than the rest of us, but that doesn't mean celebrities are above taking questionable jobs from time to time.  And it doesn't get more questionable than appearing in live-action video games.  Grab some popcorn -- these cheesy celeb game videos are almost as fun as a night at the theater.

Trivia time: Walken's relationship with the Blue Oyster Cult's classic "Don't Fear the Reaper" didn't begin with his hysterical turn as a cowbell-obsessed producer in a famous SNL skit. It actually began in Ripper, a star-studded, live-action murder mystery game dating back to 1996. Don't fear the video clip!

Darth Vader himself shed the black mask and opted for the more distinguished look of a general in this hit 1999 real-time strategy game. Charged with leading the GDI (the good guys) to victory over NOD (the bad guys), Jones managed to put in a respectable performance. That amazing voice of his can do no wrong.

Like father, like son! Just his Star Wars papa, Mark Hamill hopped out of that far away galaxy and into another one entirely, putting in three solid appearances in the great Wing Commander series as -- what else -- a guy who flies starships exceptionally well.

The Diff'rent Stokes star struggled mightily after the series ran its course, but she might have hit an all-time low by appearing in this so-bad-it's-nearly-unplayable Sega CD game. Featuring evil vampires preying on a house full of co-eds, its violent nature earned it the ire of politicians, who roundly labeled it "shameful." Thanks to some of the lamest acting ever, gamers mostly agreed.

You know him as Gimli the dwarf from The Lord of the Rings, but gamers know him as the melodramatic, bushy-browed Noree Meneo from the PC strategy game, Dune 2000. For the duke!

He might not be a household name, but with hundreds of appearances in film and television, long-time character actor Robert Costanzo has a face everyone knows. Unfortunately, that memorable mug made a mockery out of acting in this abysmal Sega CD effort. Sewage indeed.

Best known as the first unfortunate victim of a certain big screen Alien, two-time Oscar nominee John Hurt also became the unfortunate victim of the interactive movie craze when he appeared as a doctor in the experimental Tender Loving Care. Though it was a decent enough game, very few gamers actually cared.

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