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Someone found the unbeatable Goomba in Super Mario 64

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A Goomba patiently awaits getting stomped.

The easiest enemy in Super Mario 64 is also its hardest.

If you've played the classic 1996 game (or any Mario, really), you’ve undoubtedly stomped on more than a few Goombas. But it turns out that one of those little mushroom-shaped baddies is also the only antagonist in the game that can't be defeated.

The Goomba in question shows up on the game's final Bowser level. Or, more precisely, he doesn't show up. Instead of facing three Goombas when they reach that point (as is standard in the game), players only find two. That got superfan pannenkoek2012 wondering: Where was the third?

Using a variety of game hacks, he eventually discovered that the third Goomba did, in fact, make it onto the level. Unfortuantely, the elusive creature was found dead, floating in unreachable space. Why? Take it away, pannenkoek2012:

Realizing that locating an enemy no one has seen -- or conclusively known about -- for 18 years was opportunity knocking, pannenkoek2012 (who had previously managed to claim the 'Impossible Coin' from the game) went to work.

He tried teleporting down to the Goomba to stomp it. Didn't work. He tried creating another surface below the Goomba to prevent its fall. No dice. He tossed a Bob-omb down there. Nope. He even lobbed poor Luigi at the enemy. That made it a bit easier to spot the Goomba, but the game's code makes Luigi bite the dust before he's able to do battle. Behold his glorious Goomba kill attempt video.

pannenkoek2012's failure to kill the Goomba doesn't mean the struggle is over, though. If anything, his discovery of its location is certain to inspire a cadre of hardcore Super Mario 64 fans to give it a go. Here's hoping someone strikes down this smug Goomba before he does whatever it is unattended Goombas do.

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