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Sony announces Wonderbook, a product that brings Harry Potter spells to life

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by Mariella Moon, Tecca

It's not just your kids who will love the Wonderbook: Sony's wondrous new product announced during E3 that brings stories to life using augmented reality. The Wonderbook, which looks like an ordinary tome in real life, turns into a virtual pop-up storybook in front of the PlayStation Eye. And what better way to launch a seemingly magical technology than to pair it up with Harry Potter?

The first title announced for the Wonderbook franchise is called Book of Spells, based on The Standard Book of Spells, which is a fictional textbook in the Harry Potter universe. Using a Move controller as your wand, you can make the spells in the book come to life, turning you into an (almost) legit witch or wizard. The Book of Spells Wonderbook also features content that J.K. Rowling wrote especially for Harry Potter social networking site, Pottermore.

More titles are expected in the future; for now, check out the Wonderbook in action below!

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