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Sony issues fix for firmware update that crashed PS3 consoles

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(Credit: Sony)

Second time's the charm, right? Sony certainly hopes so.

The company issued a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 on Thursday. Normally this wouldn't be particularly noteworthy, but this one's meant to fix all of the consoles that were rendered useless by the last update.

Roughly eight days ago, the company released firmware update version 4.45. Almost immediately, complaints started to pour in from users that their systems were not booting up properly.

Now version 4.46 is out, and it will not only get those systems back up and running, but should also let you hide notifications when you earn a trophy -- the whole point of these updates in the first place.

Got a bricked PS3? Here's how to install the new firmware and get back to playing The Last of Us, pronto.

First, get a USB flash drive with a fair bit of space available on it, then create a folder called ‘PS3’. From there, create a folder called "update" within the PS3 folder. Using your computer, download the new firmware to that "update" folder, taking care to save the file with the name PS3UPDAT.PUP.

To install it, you'll need to boot your PS3 into safe mode:

- Hold the power button on the front until it turns red. Keep pressing it until you hear three beeps. (There will be delays between each beep.) The system will then power off.

- Let go and hold that power button on the front down again for two beeps (again, with a delay between them). When you hear a quick double beat after those, let go... that will put you in safe mode. You'll know you're there when you see a message on screen reading "Connect the controller using a USB cable and then press the PS button."

Now, insert the USB drive and select option six (system update), then press X on your controller. Hit Start and Select at the same time and your system should recognize the update file. From there, just follow the onscreen instructions and you'll be good to go.

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