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Sony PlayStation Facing Yet Another Security Breach

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Just days after Sony brought its PlayStation Network back to life after one of the biggest online security breaches in history, the company may have another problem on its hands.

Sony has blocked user logins on all PlayStation Websites after reports began to circulate on gaming sites and on hacker message boards about an exploit - essentially, a hole or oversight in the system's security that hackers can use to gain access - that could allow third-parties to take control of user accounts.

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The exploit, first exposed by, apparently allows third parties to change the password on accounts by utilizing the user's email address and date of birth - data that was stolen from over 77 million PlayStation accounts in the initial cyber attack.

Users are still able to access their accounts and the PlayStation Network through their PlayStation 3 consoles. Only Website access has been blocked at this time, with a message saying "The server is currently down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later."

Sony did not return calls seeking comment about the reported exploit.


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