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Sony to release revised PlayStation Vita system

Plugged In

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PS Vita 2000 (Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan)

Not to be outdone by Nintendo’s recently announced 2DS system, Sony has revealed a revision to its PlayStation Vita handheld.

During a press conference in Tokyo on Monday, Sony showed off a lighter, thinner Vita model aimed at casual players.

Called the PlayStation Vita 2000, the redesigned system is 15% lighter and 20% thinner, packs 1 GB of built-in memory, and comes with a battery intended to last an hour longer than the one powering the existing Vita, which will remain on shelves. The Vita's OLED screen is being replaced with an LED screen and the new system is rounder and will come in six different colors. Sony is also releasing a 64 GB memory card for the system.

Currently, the PS Vita 2000 is launching exclusively in Japan on October 10 for 18,980 yen ($190). There's no word yet on whether Sony plans to bring this model to other regions, but it seems likely that it will eventually make its way around the world.

News of the PS Vita 2000 comes on the heels of a price drop for the standard Vita system, a move intended to help boost sales and gain traction. Nintendo’s 3DS has thus far outsold the Vita by a significant margin worldwide -- in the neighborhood of 30 million units to 5 million units, at last count -- and could expand that lead even further with the upcoming 2DS handheld.

Targeting kids, the curious, non-folding, cheaper version of their flagship 3DS system comes without 3D technology and releases this holiday season alongside the anticipated Pokemon X and Y games.

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