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Plugged In

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm debut trailer, first details

Plugged In

Bumper Jack

Still playing StarCraft II? You and about 6 million other computer strategy fans. And you're about to get even more.

Blizzard has revealed details on the next game in its epic StarCraft II trilogy, painting a pretty creepy picture of the anticipated follow-up to the smash hit, Wings of Liberty.
Whereas that game focused squarely on the Terran (human) race, Heart of the Swarm shifts to the game's famous, insect-like Zerg faction. More specifically, its plot follows Zerg leader (and former Terran psychic) Sarah Kerrigan, picking up right where Wings of Liberty left off.

The new game will feature about 20 campaign missions, new units and maps, and, we're guessing, lots and lots of awesome cutscenes. Kerrigan will be playable, and the Zerg's mutagenic style will lead to new gameplay mechanics. It will also require that players own Wings of Liberty, but chances are you already have that covered, right?

It's nice of Blizzard to reveal some info just a week before the annual E3 expo, but don't expect a great deal more -- including pricing or final release date -- until the company's own Blizzcon convention in October. For now, head over to the game's newly launched site and dig in!


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