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Plugged In

Student simultaneously juggles and solves Rubik’s Cube

Plugged In

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Ravi Fernando (left) with a few chums on the Stanford University campus. (Credit: Humans of Stanford)

A multitasking Stanford University math student gets the Web buzzing by solving a Rubik's Cube like you've probably never seen before.

By Christopher MacManus, CNET

When you're a Rubik's Cube aficionado, sometimes you have to think outside the box -- err, cube -- to really challenge yourself.

In an amazing video, 21-year-old Ravi Fernando appears to juggle a Rubik's Cube and two hacky sacks while simultaneously solving the complex puzzle.

The video, which lasts about a minute and a half, features the Stanford mathematics undergrad already in the process of juggling the items. As the seconds pass, it becomes obvious that each time Fernando briefly holds on to the Cube, he gives it a rapid twist and sends it back up into the air.

It doesn't take long before all of the sides show the same color and Fernando looks at the camera with a humble smile.

Of course, the student isn't a stranger to mental feats of strength, as he's regularly participated in official Rubik's Cube events.

Stanford student group Humans of Stanford, which originally brought the video to the Web, dubbed Fernando "Sir Ravi the Juggler." A fitting name, indeed.

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