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Plugged In

Super Mario Bros: from NES, to SNES, to Wii, to…piano?

Plugged In

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Like you've never heard him before

Yeah, you've played Super Mario Bros. But we bet you've never played it quite like this before.

After months of work listening to the music over and over again,
isolating its various instruments, and cross-checking it against other,
simplified or interpreted transcriptions, it's ready for the public --
and freely available.

"All this hard work has paid off," creator Joseph Karam says on his
web site, "and today, as a tribute to the man who changed the face of
video game music forever, I can proudly present to you a superior,
premium, deluxe sheet music transcription of Koji Kondo's original Super
Mario Bros. compositions from 1985, along with the corresponding midi
sound files."

So if you're a pianist (or you know someone who is), go check it out -- and good luck. Some of it looks pretty knotty.

But who knows? You might end up as good as this guy.

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