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Super parents power up their baby with Mario-themed nursery

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Nintendo nursery

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Jeffery Craddock's making sure his newborn daughter old-school gaming education starts early. Really early.

When Craddock and his wife Ashley welcomed their child into the world earlier this month, they chose a unique theme for their nursery: Mario. And they went all out with the decoration.

The lamp is a Bob-omb. Mario, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi and other characters adorn the walls. Mystery boxes are scattered throughout the room. Star pillows sit in the glide rocker.

After Jeffery posted pictures of the nursery online, they quickly went viral. Within days, they had found their way to Nintendo's headquarters -- and the company quickly posted them to its official Facebook page as well as its Twitter feed, further fueling the explosion.

You have to give the couple points for committing to the theme, too. Long before their daughter came into the world, Jeffery put together Nintendo-themed baby shower invitations in the form of what appears to be an SNES cartridge with Princess Peach on the cover.

The Craddocks' Mario themed room continues to raise the bar for gaming-themed parents. Earlier this year, one Florida Father rented out a movie theater, hooked up a few game systems to the projector and let his son play games for five hours. In March, developer Mike Mika hacked into Donkey Kong to make Pauline the hero of the game -- leaving Mario stuck high on the scaffolding with the angry simian -- when his daughter didn't understand why she couldn't play the princess.

And last November, Mike Hoye reworked The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker to change Link from a "He" to a "She" to make the game more accessible to his daughter, who played the game with him as he read the text aloud.

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