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Survey: ‘Words With Friends’ spells L-O-V-E

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Forget singles bars -- if you want to find love on Valentine's Day, you might have better luck on your iPhone.

A study of over 118,000 Words With Friends players found that scoring isn't necessarily limited to the game. One in 10 players, in fact, said the title has directly led to a hookup at some point.

The survey, conducted by Zynga, discovered some serious aphrodisiac qualities in the game. Beyond those who have moved their relationship past the screen, one third said they'd be more willing to hook up with someone if they're good at the game, while 68 percent said they'd date someone who beat them in a round.

In the less-surprising category, nearly half of the people who have played have had a crush on one of their opponents, and 44 percent say they've flirted with an opponent in the game.

That flirting certainly worked for Kyla Smith and Charles Briggs. The two played a game last summer after being randomly matched up by Zynga's servers. She lived in Texas. He was in Arkansas. Today, they're engaged.

"There was that little spark," Monahan told the Wall St. Journal, noting that as he was playing, he thought: "This girl is pretty awesome."

Things went even smoother for Trish and David Palmer, who got married a year and a half after the game first paired them up.

"I was just curious to get to know the person I was playing," says Trish. "How'd I get so lucky?"

"You hit rematch," noted David.

While the majority of Words With Friends players opt to play, well, with friends, some 30 percent choose instead to take on a random opponent, which is where a number of these get-togethers start.

"People often think of a love story being meeting someone in person and falling madly in love," says Ms. Smith. "You have to be open to nontraditional love stories."

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