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Tacocopter interest takes off

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By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzz Log

You're out in a forest looking for buried treasure. You get hungry. Sure, you could eat berries, but they may be poisonous. Solution: Tacocopter.

With a few clicks on your smart phone, you place your order, knowing that the automated Tacocopter (that's a mini-helicopter with tacos attached) will track you down via GPS and deliver you some (hopefully) still warm food. Huzzah!

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Sounds like a joke gone too far, but the Tacocopter is apparently real. Or, at least its creators want to make it real some fine day. Alas, for those who like their food airborne, the Tacocopter may never actually get off the ground. According to the Huffington Post's Jason Gilbert, the the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rules against things like the Tacocopter.

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According to Tacocopter co-founder Star Simpson, who spoke with Gilbert online, "Current U.S. FAA regulations prevent ... using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, like the Tacocopter) for commercial purposes at the moment." Cue the outrage!

Plus there are a few other problems the creators are aware of. What if somebody steals the Tacocopter when it lands? What if the wrong person picks up the tacos? What if it crashes on somebody's head? What if it hits a bird? Who knew taco delivery was so fraught with potential peril?

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So maybe the Tacocopter isn't ready for prime time. But people seem to like the idea. Tacocopter is all the rage on Twitter. Comments include "Too good to be true. Flying robots deliver tacos in the SF Bay Area" to "best new startup idea i've seen all year."

Maybe if Tacocopter got a lobbyist...

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