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Tetris: The Musical

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By Claudine Zap, Yahoo! Buzzlog

The building-block puzzle has gone from Game Boy to mobile phones -- and now fans of the game have created the animated video, "Tetris: The Musical."

The basic plot involves a couple of red and blue tiles who think they belong together, but who are bullied by a Z tile and bothered by a T tile. Eventually, like the game, the blocks figure out how to all fit together. (And sing together.)

The video is part of a Web series that turns popular video games into minimusicals. Tetris, Pac-Man, and Angry Birds have all gotten the theatrical treatment.

The team that makes up Random Encounters (which has its own YouTube channel), AJ Pinkerton, 25, and Peter Srinivasan, 24, met while students at Ithaca College and have been collaborating ever since. The business partners also created the buzzy Claymation short, "Pac-Man the Musical."

This time, the two have put their creative powers into a story that brings high drama to geometric colored tiles.

Commenters seem to be enjoying the hit game-turned-musical. Yuseithestarknight posted, "This made me happy. Let's play some Tetris." Kyrbi0 added, "Good, wholesome, funny and well-made. Kudos."

Wholesome is right, and Srinivasan is unashamed that the hokey themes of friendship and happiness in their musicals are "like, the best."

The 24-year-old admitted as much in an email to Yahoo!, writing, "The most conscious inspiration we had making this, without a doubt, was 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.' We've been earnest followers of the show for over a year."

For the Ponies fans, work on the video is split up, with Srinivasan handling mixing, sound, visual effects, and animation. Pinkerton writes, edits, and directs. Srinivasan adds that the two "both have musical backgrounds, in school bands and church, but AJ typically writes the music and leaves most of the performance to me."

The duo's talents haven't gone unnoticed. Sega comissioned a three-part Super Monkey Ball production, plus the team has another Pokemon song in the works, and a video involving one of Wii-U's launch titles.

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