Plugged In

A Tetris tune like you’ve never heard

Plugged In

Sure, the Internet has its problems. But it also has Smooth McGroove and his a cappella version of the Tetris theme song.

Mr. McGroove (probably not his real name, but hats off to him if it is) posted a video of himself (actually eight different versions of himself) performing “Theme B” from the 1980s game classic. We never noticed before, but Theme B sounds a bit like “Carol of the Bells.”

The video looks a bit like the “Brady Bunch” intro, with the eight different McGrooves surrounding the center square. In this case, Alice the lovable maid has been replaced by a GameBoy-esque Tetris screen.

McGroove has posted similar videos before and each has garnered a slew of comments on YouTube. His version of Guile's theme from Street Fighter 2 racked up an astounding 4.5 million views.

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