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Thieves steal over 7,000 Wii U systems

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The Grinch has paid Nintendo a visit.

Seattle area police say a determined group of thieves have stolen more than $2 million worth of Wii Us from the company by simply driving off with them without raising any eyebrows.

"I've been a cop for 28 years, and I've never seen anything like this," Sgt. Cindy West told ABC News. "This has come straight out of the movies."

It went down like this: On Saturday night around 9:00pm, the thieves drove two large semi trucks to a Nintendo distribution site at Seattle's Air Cargo facility and hooked them up to a pair of 53-foot trailers, then used forklifts to load thousands of the consoles onto the trucks. They also filled up another truck they found at the facility.

The take? More than 7,000 Wii U systems.

It wasn't until noon on Sunday that anyone realized they weren't authorized to be there and that the Wii Us were stolen.

Police say they currently have no leads on the thieves or even how large the group was. They're currently searching for two trailers with the words "McKinney" written on the side, along with a Seattle Air Cargo box-truck that the thieves added to their collection of stolen goods. Authorities are asking for tips from the community, but say they're fairly confident the thieves won't be able to stay hidden for long.

"If we don't get any tips ahead of time, it will be the selling of these consoles that will lead to their capture," said West. "It's gonna be pretty hard to hide 7,000 Wii [U] game consoles."

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