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Three dimensions not enough for ambitious pavement painter

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3D street artist Leon Keer with one of his creations.

When your 3D street paintings have been experienced and praised all over the world, from San Diego to Abu Dhabi, what do you do for an encore?

That's the challenge confronting Dutch illusionist Leon Keer, and he's meeting it by exploring a new dimension: motion. It's all well and good to create a life-size Pac-Man maze on the pavement, but what if you could see creatures moving in that maze?

Aided by computer animator Joost Spek, Keer is devising a way to use smartphones to integrate animated characters with the faux-3D environment on the pavement. It's a bit technical, but the video below gets the point across nicely:

You can see more of Keer's paintings and videos at his website, Streetpainting 3D.

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