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Plugged In

This tiny Lego band has a huge sound

Plugged In

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Toa Mata band (Credit:

You can build a lot of cool things with Legos, but we weren’t aware “functioning band” was one of them.

That’s just what Italian sound designer and all-around musical genius Guiseppe Acito managed to create, however, and the result is as adorable as it is awesome.

Acito built his tiny band using LEGO Bionicle toys, an Arduino Uno microcontroller and an iPad MIDI app called Nord Beat. Called the “Toa Mata” band, the little dudes do the heavy lifting by banging on synths, drum pads, a stylophone and a variety of other percussive instruments. Apparently this is just the first episode in a series of music videos starring the amazing musicians. Remember when toys were just toys?

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