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Plugged In

New trailer for The Last Guardian is gorgeous and cuddly

Plugged In

Ever wish you had a giant pet dragon/dog/monkey pal to help you
negotiate a desolate wasteland while searching for something or other?
Me neither, but the more I learn about upcoming PS3 game The Last
Guardian, the more I realize this is all I really want to do anymore.

Sadly, it's not due out until the 2011 holiday season, but at least
we can all stare at this impressive new trailer again. And again. And
again. Because while I have no idea exactly what's happening here, it
looks awesome.

As well it should. The Last Guardian comes from Team Ico, who in the
past crafted legendary artsy hits Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both
of those titles are coming to the PS3 with new HD visuals in the spring,
but honestly, The Last Guardian is the one to watch. Speaking of which,
go watch that trailer again!

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