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Uncharted 3 trailer reveals villainous Ms. Marlowe

Plugged In

Every good hero needs a good foil -- and in the case of adventurous tough guy Nathan Drake, that foil just got a name.

Meet Katherine Marlowe, Drake's nemesis in the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The head of a nefarious cabal dating back a good 400 years, she apparently has a profound interest in Drake's ring, not to mention enough security guards to make Prince jealous. Check her out in this brand new gameplay trailer:

Warning:  Strong Language

Is that Judi Dench? Helen Mirren? Neither. Turns out the aged antagonist is voiced by Rosalind Ayres, a British actress who has appeared in films like "Titanic" and games like Age of Empires III. We'll get to know her even better when Uncharted 3 arrives this November.

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