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Uncharted movie gets new director

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Will Wahlberg still play Drake?

After hitting a few speed bumps, the big screen adaptation of Sony's blockbuster Uncharted is moving forward once more.

Director Neil Burger, best known for Bradley Cooper's "Limitless" and the Edward Norton film "The Illusionist," has taken over the directorial reins after David O. Russell walked away from the project due to "creative differences," reports Variety.And fans of the game are breathing a big sigh of relief.

Russell rattled some cages in the gaming community when he announced that he wanted to convert the film's story away from its Indiana Jones-like roots to one focusing on a family of art thieves. Burger got the job after pitching the studio on a new direction for the film, which is more in line with the game.

One big question that remains is who will star as series hero Nathan Drake with the shakeup. Mark Wahlberg was cast for Russell's version, but it's unclear if he will stay onboard. (The two worked together previously on "Three Kings" and "The Fighter.")

He's not a bad choice, but gamers have been hoping to see Firefly's Nathan Fillion in the role. And Fillion himself has been quite clear that he'd like to see that himself. Last October, he urged Twitter followers to lobby far and wide for him to get the part.

He's not the only one interested. Nolan North, the voice actor who plays Drake in the games, wouldn't mind an audition himself - but acknowledges he's nowhere near famous enough to get the role.

"I've done film and television and I understand the reality of the business," North said in October 2009 on a podcast for the UK Official PlayStation Magazine.

As a game franchise, Uncharted has been a monster hit for Sony. To date, the games have sold nearly 6 million copies -- and a third installment, due this November, is expected to be one of the year's biggest releases.

As a film series, though, it could be much bigger, especially since Harrison Ford seems to have finally hung up his fedora. Like the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" franchise, the games focus on treasure hunting and stunts with punchy humor and a solid storyline.

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