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This is Your (Video Game) Life — for $67,000

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If Ralph Edwards were alive today, there's a good chance he'd be working at Amuse Me.

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The French company is offering a modern twist on the classic "This is Your Life" formula by customizing games for individuals.

It's more than just slapping your face into a generic game — or at least, it can be. Amuse Me lets people recreate their life stories and add fantasy elements as they see fit. One of the company's first orders, for instance, requested a fighting game between the client's mother and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.

As you might expect, having a personalized video game built around you doesn't come cheap.

The company offers three levels of customization. The basic model lets people choose from six existing games and adapt faces, outfits, backgrounds and character accessories. They'll shell out €20 ($27) for each element they modify.

If you really want a custom game, though, it runs from €1,000 ($1,353) to €10,000 ($13,535). For that, you'll work with one of 10 game designers for anywhere from a couple hours to a half day to create levels from scratch.

The full monty? That's an "art game" built entirely around your life and delivered on its own tablet, which runs as high as €50,000 (roughly $67,000). Again, you'll work with the team, bringing in everything from family pictures to toys and souvenirs -- any details that will help enhance the game.

"Amuse Me makes personalized games in one's image, like having your portrait made by a painter," says Florent Deloison, one of the service's art game artists. "In an era of standardized mass production, true luxury is the uniqueness of an object. This could go as far as conceiving a game where each level would be based on the structure of your DNA."

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