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The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park games coming this year

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The Walking Dead - AMC

After conquering comic books and televisions, "The Walking Dead" are ambling over to the gaming world. And they're bringing
some dinosaur buddies along with them.

Telltale Games, best known for its light-hearted adventure fare such as Sam and Max and Tales of Monkey Island, is taking a turn for the
serious with plans to make episodic games out of the successfull comic/AMC series as well as big-screen juggernaut "Jurassic Park."

You'll get the chance to go toe-to-toe with Raptors and T.
Rexes first, as Jurassic Park is expected to launch in April. Set during the first film, the five-part series picks up from the moment in the film when Wayne Knight's character, Dennis, drops the Barbasol can full of dino embryos. Dennis didn't live much longer, but in the game, a smuggler sneaks onto the island to retrieve it. As you might guess,
it's not long before she's trapped, along with other members of the park staff.

The game will be available for both the PC and Mac.

The Walking Dead won't arrive until the fourth quarter of
the year (hey, zombies aren't exactly known for their speed), but when they
arrive, they'll have a much wider footprint than the big lizards. Beyond the
usual PC and Mac distribution, Telltale is reportedly targeting consoles,
mobile devices, handheld systems and social media gaming sites. The company is
betting big on The Walking Dead, too, having struck a "multi-year,
multi-title" deal with franchise creator Robert Kirkman.

This isn't the first time Telltale has taken on converting a
well-known franchise to the game world. The company has just released the
second episode of its Back to the Future games, which have been getting very
positive reviews.

As if time-traveling professors (and teens), ravenous
zombies and dinosaurs weren't enough to keep the team at Telltale busy, the
company is working on a game series based on "Fables," the
long-running comic series by Bill Willingham, which focuses on outcast fairy
tale and folklore characters who live in our world -- New York, to be specific.

The obituary for adventure games may have been written
several times, but apparently someone forgot to let the folks at Telltale know.
Last year, the company generated revenues
of $10 million
-- a 90 percent increase from the year before. With these
new games in the pipeline, it's expecting to repeat that feat this year.


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