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The Walking Dead: Season Two revealed, due out later this year

Plugged In

Clementine could use a little help again.

The orphaned star of Telltale’s tremendous 2012 game based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series has been meandering around a zombie wasteland by herself for the past year, waiting patiently for the game developer to finish up the second season of its award-winning adventure series.

That patience will finally pay off when PC, console and iOS gamers get their grubby hands on the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two at a yet-to-be-determined date later this year.

“The terrifying nature of Robert Kirkman’s world has allowed Telltale to push the boundaries of interactive drama in video games to a place that has had fans anxious to know what will happen next in this series,” Dan Connors, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games, said in a press release. “Today we can finally lift the veil, albeit only a little, on how this story will continue, and we’ll soon be putting players in the shoes of a lead role that will challenge their expectations of how to survive in a world where no one can be trusted.”

By “only a little” information, Connors really means “only very, very little” information. The game’s teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much about the world other than the fact that Clementine is still alive, has aged a bit, and most impressively, hasn’t lost her awesome baseball cap despite being constantly chased by zombies. You’ll play as her this time around, a big change from your protective role as Lee in the first season.

Despite the lack of concrete info, word that Season Two will indeed arrive before the end of the year is great news for gamers. The first season of The Walking Dead was widely hailed as one of the best games of 2012 (or in our case, THE best game of 2012) thanks to its innovative storytelling, brilliant scripting and impeccable acting. To commemorate last year’s game, Telltale will release a Game of the Year edition -- including all five episodes and the ‘400 Days’ extra content -- in November.

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