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Plugged In

Watch sand magically dance in this impressive video

Plugged In

Our favorite video illusionist is at it again.

Having plied his magic on objects as diverse as chairs, pushpins, and dry ice, Youtube genius 'Brusspup' now turns his formidable skills to sand. Plain, ordinary sand. Only, of course, with this guy, nothing is ever plain or ordinary. Check out his latest creation:

“What you'll be seeing in the video is a speaker with a metal plate attached on top, and a sound generator,” Brusspup writes. “A bit of sand is sprinkled on top, then you turn on the sound generator. There are certain frequencies that resonate in such a way that it creates geometric patterns with the sand. I continue to increase the pitch of the sound throughout the video. As the pitch gets higher, the patterns become more complex.”

If this guy didn't win every school science fair he entered, there is no justice. You can watch more of Brusspup’s videos on his Youtube channel.

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