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Plugged In

This week in games: Marvel takes on Capcom

Plugged In

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Platforms: X360, PS3

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Better bring your shield

Whatever trials and tribulations come your way this week, be thankful you're not
Frank Tieri, the writer behind this latest installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom
fighting series. His unenviable task: to come up with a sensible backstory that will give the comic-book heroes of the Marvel
Universe (including favorites like Captain America, Iron Man, and
Wolverine) a reason to beat up on Capcom video game icons like Street Fighter's Chun Li, Resident Evil's Albert Wesker, and Viewtiful Joe's, uh, Viewtiful Joe.

But the daft plot is likely to be the least of fighting game fans'
concerns. More importantly, how does this eagerly-anticipated sequel play? The critics, to
put it mildly, are impressed.

Joystiq's Taylor Cocke gave it one of its most enthusiastic write-ups so far, scoring it a perfect 5/5, and praising it for its accessible control system.

"You'll quickly realize that you can pull off flashy moves and special attacks
just by flipping around the joystick and mashing buttons," writes
Joystiq. "If all you're looking for is an enjoyable time throwing your
favorite characters together in battle, then the simplicity of MvC3 is perfect for that."

That'll have some fighting game pros raising their eyebrows -- the genre is
notoriously hard to master -- but never fear. Newbies might be able to
play along, but fans who dive deeper will find it "one of the most deep
and customizable fighting games out there." It's "a
game made great by an enormous amount of love and attention to
detail...a worthy sequel to one of the most beloved fighting games of
all time."

IGN's Richard George was a touch less impressed, but still awards a favorable 8.6. Although Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is flashy, fun, and deep, he writes, "if
you're looking for an expansive, varied fighting game experience, it's
nowhere to be found." He notes its stripped-down roster, which omits fan
favorites like Mega Man, but comes down hardest on the game's limited
selection of modes and extras.

"The core of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is incredible," he says, "but for many of you that's only going to go so far."

That may be true -- but it's already gone far enough to push Marvel vs.
Capcom to a reported quarter-million in pre-orders alone. Metacritic
puts its average review score at a glowing 89%, one of the top performers of the year so far. We'd expect no less from a superhero.

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it's coming to the Playstation Network at some point, too.

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2, and 3 -- but Gears 3 won't be out until fall. Instead, the third game
in this compilation is the "Road to Ruin" campaign and a set of
multiplayer maps. Selling at under $30, it's a great deal.

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