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The Week in Webgames: Fly the Friendly Skies Edition

Plugged In

Got a few minutes to kill? Why not unwind with a free webgame? For your gaming convenience, we've assembled the week's top new releases on Yahoo! Games in this handy roundup.

Now Boarding: Episode 1

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Now Boarding: Episode 1

Time-management gameplay busts out of the diner and reaches for the clouds.  Keep a bustling airport running smoothly by shuffling impatient passengers onto planes and on their way.  Check out the slick art style — shades of 'Catch Me If You Can.'

Max Roulette

Place your bets and spin the wheel! It's as simple as that.  Enjoy a bit of Vegas on your computer screen.  Will it be your Wheel of Fortune, or will the ball have a mind of its own?

Jet Ducks

These ducks have got a seriously bad attitude, and you've got to send them quacking with your trusty twelve-gauge.  The clock's ticking: how many hits can you score before time runs out?

Pixel Purge

What at first appears to be an old-school 8-bit shoot-em-up reveals hidden depths after a few moments' play.  Level up as you destroy enemies, improve your firepower, and unlock achievement trophies: it's old-school arcade action with a 21st century twist.  Try playing with headphones to get the full effect of the pulse-pounding electronica music!

Pokah Jong

Two great games that play great together.  Pull tiles from the Mahjongg board to assemble the best possible poker hands and score points!  How high can you get?

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