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The Week in Webgames: Fun with fish edition

Plugged In

Got a few minutes to kill? Why not unwind with a free webgame? For your gaming convenience, we've assembled the week's top new releases on Yahoo! Games in this handy roundup.

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Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round

Rice, nori, and roe, oh my! You're the chef at a trendy sushi shop, and you've got to keep the fish flying to satisfy a never-ending supply of hungry customers. Don't expect a cakewalk: you'll need to draw upon all your time-management skills to get it done.

Slot Car Grand Prix

The great thing about slot cars is their simplicity. Steering's not an issue -- all you have to worry about is speed control.  But 'simple' isn't the same as 'easy.'  You'll need sharp timing to beat the competition while keeping your own car from flying off the track.


Abduction by aliens is a lot less scary when you're the alien. Pilot your flying saucer through successive levels, scooping up livestock, astronauts, and more, while reaching the landing pad before you run out of fuel. It'll take a steady hand to master the gameplay, which will be familiar to fans of 8-bit classics like Lunar Lander and Space Taxi.


The cards are shuffled and dealt, the green felt beckons, the hum of the casino is all around you.  Stand, hit, or double down: it's the classic conundrum of the blackjack player, brought to life in a slick, web-friendly recreation. How much money can you rack up over 20 turns?

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