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The Week in Webgames: Do The Monster Match

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Got a few minutes to kill?  Why not unwind with a free webgame?  For your gaming convenience, we've assembled the week's top new releases on Yahoo! Games in this handy roundup.

Monster match

It's fast-paced puzzle action with a humorous creature-feature theme.  Think you can destroy groups of three or more like-colored monsters before they reach the ceiling?  We have faith in you!

Deep Freeze

What's Santa Claus doing in March?  Well, when he's not delivering presents, he's busy… kicking butt, apparently.  Armed with an ice-ray pistol, jolly St. Nick must deal righteous vengeance to gangs of evildoers.  Yeah, it's pretty weird.

Platform golf

What's so great about Tiger Woods?  He never had to bounce a golfball off three walls in order to get it onto a floating platform.  See how well you fare when 18-holes takes on a new dimension.

Volcano escape

This caveman's got problems.  There's lava everywhere, and only you can lead him out by arranging the stone tiles to create a safe path for him.  Be careful -- he's not that bright, and is liable to keep walking even if your path isn't complete. The jerk.

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