Plugged In

The Week in Webgames: Swapples, Icebreaker and more

Plugged In

Got a few minutes to kill?  Why not unwind with a free webgame?  For your gaming convenience, we've assembled the week's top new releases on Yahoo! Games in this handy roundup.

Play Swapples


Playing a match-3 puzzle game by yourself is fun enough, but things really get interesting when you can rub your high score in your friends' faces.  Try the competitive mode with your fellow Yahoo! users, or play against the wider world.

Icebreaker: The Gathering

In this physics puzzler, you've got to slice ice to free frozen Vikings (say that ten times fast).  These are the cutest Vikings you're likely to see, by the way.  Our favorite part is the little boogie they do when they complete a level.

3D Shooter

Sometimes nothing lets you blow off steam like a little target practice. The simple-but-classic gameplay in 3D Shooter (yes, that's really its name) will let you do just that.  How quickly and accurately can you nail the targets?

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