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The Week in Webgames: ‘Triple’ Threat Edition

Plugged In

Got a few minutes to kill?  Why not unwind with a free webgame?  For your gaming convenience, we've assembled the week's top new releases on Yahoo! Games in this handy roundup.

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Triple Town

Triple Town

This unbelievably addictive tycoon/puzzle game combines classic match-3 gameplay with a persistent world where you can endlessly upgrade your cities.  Can you get all the way to the mighty Floating Castle?  Only one way to find out!

Space Chaos

This one's pretty sophisticated for an in-browser space shooter.  You start as a humble spacecraft, but as you progress through the missions you'll be able to buy bigger and badder weapons.  Only you can keep the galaxy safe!

Zoo World 2

Those adorable animals aren't going to feed themselves.  Or shelter themselves.  Or find themselves mates.  You've got your work cut out for you in this social tycoon game.

Mysteriez 2: Daydreaming

Not quite a hidden-object game, this is more of a 'hidden-number' game.  You'd be surprised how many individual numerals can be crammed into a single image.  Can you find them all?

Shine Wars

Since the dawn of time, the sun and moon have been at war.  Actually, no, they haven't.  But in this stylish puzzle game you can pretend they are!  Take advantage of physics to knock one celestial sphere or the other out of the sky.

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