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Wesley Snipes: Actor, prisoner…game designer?

Plugged In

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Wesley Snipes in Julius Styles: The International

Passenger 57 has taken up a new hobby.

As he serves out a three-year prison sentence for failure to file federal income tax returns, actor, producer and all-around butt-kicker Wesley Snipes is adding 'game developer' to his resume. The man filmgoers know best as the vampire hunter Blade has teamed with Finnish developer Lapland Studio to release 'Julius Styles: The International.'

Snipes lends his image and provides voice work to the title character for the game, though how he did this from prison is kind of a head scratcher -- and isn't something the developer has yet addressed. He was also involved in the production via his company Maandi Media Entertainment.

The game will initially be released for the iPad and iPhone on August 11, though it's certainly possible that Snipes, Lapland and production partner Red 27 Films have a broader plan in mind.

Snipes began serving his sentence in late 2010 at a minimum-security prison in northwest Pennsylvania. Julius Styles could be a test balloon for a film role whenever he is paroled or released.

In fact, when Lapland announced the game in January, they quoted Snipes as saying "the feature film is going to be a blast!"

As for the game, it's a soothing story of a knitting enthusiast who travels the globe attending an increasingly challenging series of stitch-and-bitch gatherings.

Kidding. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect: An action-adventure romp starring burly hitman Julius Styles, who blasts his way through the rough-and-tumble world of economic espionage. You'll use your, um, charms, to persuade governments and businesses to bend to the will of 'The Assembly,' a shadowy organization of global business leaders.

"The concept for Julius Styles: The International is an amalgamation of the 'international spy, security specialist characters' I've played in a couple of films," said Snipes via press release. "Except unlike previous characters I've played, who often have military special ops, spy backgrounds, I needed a twist for him. Thus, Julius Styles was born."

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