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A Winner is You: Yahoo! Games Best of 2010 Awards

Plugged In

The Main Event

What a year for games.

We say that every year, of course, but this year we really mean it.

From start to finish, 2010 was absolutely crammed with
awesome titles across every major platform. This was the year owning any home
console was actually okay -- fantastic exclusives for the Wii, PS3 and 360 made
choosing just one system harder than ever. It was the year owning a phone was
no longer just owning "a phone," as the overwhelming success of
gaming on the App Store completely altered the mobile gaming landscape. It was
the year of the download, the year of the indie, and the year of the
blockbuster all rolled into one.

So yeah, choosing winners was hard. Super hard. Harder than a
Battletoad soaked in admantium. Harder that it was for non-geeks to understand
that last sentence. But using a complex formula involving a field mouse, Chinese
checkers, a sundial and two barrels of whiskey, we figured it out. Nailed it,
as it were.

With no further ado, we proudly present the Best Games of
2010. Our hats off to the winners!

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