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Plugged In

Witness the glory of a Zelda tune played on wine glasses

Plugged In

Narnia Island

It seems everyone and their mother has recorded a kooky
version of the Super Mario Bros. theme song (on Tesla Coils, beatbox flute, two guitars, and even while blindfolded), but
few have tackled the awesome but obscure 'Song of Healing' from the N64 great
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

And no one has done it with as much style as wine glass
expert -- and clever filmmaker -- Sp0ntanious, who absolutely knocks it out of
the park:

Not sure what's more impressive: the actual playing of the
wine glasses, or the part where he adds/subtracts water from the glasses and
moves them around the screen. Or the fact that he chose the 'Song of Healing'
in the first place. Though Zelda nerds will fondly recall it as the song Link
plays on his Ocarina to obtain various masks and repair signs, most folks
probably haven't heard it. And they've certainly never heard it quite like


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