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This woman is dressed to kill…green pigs

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Photograph by Matti Matikainen

It's considered basic decorum to leave the video games at home when attending a fancy shindig.

But that doesn't apply to Teija Vesterbacka.

At a recent visit to the Finnish Presidential Palace in Helsinki to celebrate Finland's Independence Day, Teija showed off her fondness for blockbuster mobile smash Angry Birds by wearing an off-the-shoulder gown inspired by the game's red-feathered star.

Absurd? Yes. Inappropriate? Not really. Teija happens to be the wife of Peter Vesterbacka (he's the fellow on the right in the tux), who happens to be the head of marketing for Finnish game developer Rovio, who happens to be the creator of Angry Birds. If anyone is allowed to wear a video game dress to a Finnish ball, it's Teija. Plus, it's a pretty awesome dress.

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It's also a testament to how big of a deal Rovio has become in its home country, as only 2,000 guests were invited to the reception. And apparently, the company has even bigger plans for Angry Birds, with four more games slated to be released next year.

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