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Woman goes into labor during Skyrim demo…and stays for demo

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The annual QuakeCon video game expo in Texas draws a pretty dedicated crowd. Few, however, are as dedicated as engaged gamers Chaz and Stevi.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda)

This past Thursday, the couple was sitting in a demonstration for Bethesda's upcoming role-playing epic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when Stevi, who was nine months pregnant, began to feel what she thought were contractions.

This is when a normal person might go to the hospital. Not Stevi. She's so looking forward to Skyrim that she gritted her teeth and stayed through the end of the half-hour demonstration before heading out.

"During the demo [game director] Todd Howard showed off the Frost Dragon," Chaz told  Game Informer. "This is what started the whole thing, seeing this must have filled Stevi with so much excitement that it sent her into labor."

For the record, the couple waited because they weren't convinced Stevi wasn't experiencing false labor. As the contractions continued after the demo, though, it was clear that wasn't the case.

Hours later, their daughter made her grand debut, healthy and well. Her name? Atari Lynn -- but her parents say the name Atari is not actually a salute to the gaming giant. Instead, it's from the word Ataru, which means 'to hit a target' -- which Atari Lynn very nearly did by attempting to come into the world during QuakeCon.

While childbirth wasn't in Chaz and Stevi's plans for the expo, the duo did plan to make the show an eventful one. Originally, they said, they had planned on getting married at this year's show, which only makes sense seeing as Chaz proposed to Stevi onstage at the end of last year's QuakeCon.

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