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Plugged In

Words Fail Us: An Epic LEGO Rube Goldberg Device

Plugged In

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzzlog

LEGOs are rad. Unnecessarily complex machines are rad. An unnecessarily complex machine made entirely from LEGOs? Judge for yourself.

Maniacal genius 'Akiyuki' created an epic Rube Goldberg device from LEGOs that sorts little soccer and basketballs via mini LEGO motors. Why? Heck if we know, but we are in awe of the results. The 'Great Ball Contraption' is made up of 17 separate Lego modules, contains 500 balls, and took the Lego magician a whopping 600 hours to build.

But really, no amount of text could do the project justice. After watching for 30 seconds, we were totally impressed. Our reaction hit "astounded," then "astonished," then "incredulous," until finally settling on "gobsmacked" where it stayed only because we ran out of synonyms for "Holy crap!"

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