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World’s largest Scrabble game goes on sale

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No doubt you've played loads of Scrabble over the years. By now, you've probably played it on a computer or even an iPad, too. But we're guessing you've never played it quite like this.

Available from curio retailer Hammacher Schlemmer, this wall-mounted Scrabble board is five times the size of the classic game, covering some 49 square feet.

And the cost? An eye-popping $12,000, making it quite possibly the world's most expensive Scrabble game to boot.

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To be fair, the plus-sized Scrabble board is seriously well built. The backing is galvanized steel. All the wood is Russian birch, including the two felt-lined tile holders that stand on each side of the board. Each of the 100 wooden tiles is just over four inches square, and conceals a rare-earth magnet that holds it to the board. In total, the whole package tips the scales at over 12 pounds.

It's also something of a rarity. Only nine exist, each one hand-built by multimedia artist John Kahn, who first had the idea when working on a series of giant pop-art sculptures in the 1970s, examples of which graced the corridors of corporate icons including PepsiCo's headquarters and the majestic Chrysler Building. Kahn had to wait for rare earth magnets to be invented before his giant Scrabble set dream became a reality.

Now, one can be yours...assuming you can't think of anything better to do with $12,000 (we hope you can).

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