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Plugged In

World’s tallest, most extreme freestanding water slide under construction in Kansas City

Plugged In

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If plummeting at high speed from a vertigo-inducing 140 feet into a gigantic pool of water is your idea of a good time, you have two choices. You can check yourself into a psychiatric institution, or you can wait till next spring and hightail it to Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn water park, where the world’s tallest waterslide is currently under construction, scheduled to open on May 23.

The Verruckt Meg-A-Blaster (“verruckt” is German for “insane”) will hoist customers up a 17-story conveyor belt in a four-person raft, and then let gravity take over. There are construction photos viewable on the Schlitterbahn blog.

While the precise height and speed of the ride are not yet revealed, Jeff Henry (the Verruckt’s designer and co-owner of the Schlitterbahn park) claims it will be taller than the current freestanding world record holder, Brazil’s Insano. (Another Brazil water slide, Kilamanjaro, has a taller drop, but is in a somewhat different category because it takes advantage of a hillside and doesn’t achieve the entire drop height from a freestanding structure.) At 134.5 feet tall, accelerating riders at speeds up to 65.2 mph, the Insano topped our own list of the world’s 5 wildest water slides.

But it looks like a new king’s about to be crowned.

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