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New Xbox controller unveiled, coming November

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New Xbox controller

Microsoft is aiming to change the way you play games with its
forthcoming Kinect motion-control system, but the company isn't through
with its standard controllers.
To prove their commitment to the thumb-twiddling masses, they've formally unveiled a tweaked version of their well-regarded Xbox 360 gamepad.

Due out November 9, the revised wireless peripheral will feature a
matte silver finish, concave analog sticks and gray A, B, X and Y
buttons instead of the green, red, blue and yellow colors 360 gamers
have come to know and love (or at least tolerate).

The biggest change, however, is a new, transforming directional pad.
With a simple 90 degree twist, users will be able to change it from the
current 8-direction disc to the old-school, 4-direction pad made popular
by the original NES system. While that won't make much of a difference
during stick-oriented games like Halo or Call of Duty, it will
doubtlessly have a big impact on genres like 2D fighting and classic
platformers. Street Fighter players, rejoice!

Actually, you might want to hold off for a second, because the price
isn’t exactly worth cheering over. The controller will only be available
in a bundle with a new 'Play & Charge Kit' retailing at $65 -- a
good $15 more than the list price for current 360 wireless controllers,
and nearly double what you'll pay at sites like Amazon or NewEgg. If you just want a standalone version of the new controller sans charge kit, you're out of luck.

Excited for the new gamepad, or fine with the current model? Let us know in the comments.

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