Plugged In

Yes, this is a frog playing a video game

Plugged In

Touch screen devices have fundamentally changed the way we play video games. By removing all those pesky buttons and gamepads, the barrier of entry has vanished, letting everyone get in on the fun.

Er, make that everything.

Take, for instance, this African Bull Frog, who has officially confirmed the scientific theory that amphibians hunt with their eyes…

…and have not forgotten the years of abuse we put their digital brethren through in Frogger. Revenge!

The simplistic game is Ant Crusher, which task players with, uh, crushing ants. Cruel? A bit, but that's life in the video game animal kingdom.

Amazingly, this insanely popular fellow (over 7 million views in a week!) isn't necessarily on top of the Ant Crusher animal leaderboard.  This Bearded Dragon is a worthy challenger, plus he actually lets his owner restart the game without going for the kill.

And in case you were wondering, chameleons are luddites.

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