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‘Yoostar 2′ puts you in pictures

Plugged In

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Yoostar 2

Your high school drama teacher might have suggested that the
best place for you when it comes to acting is in the audience, but does a PhD
give him the ability to spot raw talent? No way!

Fortunately, with the help of an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can finally show the world your star potential by acting it out in some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

Yoostar 2, which hits store shelves this week, lets you digitally insert yourself into clips from some of the biggest movies and TV shows out there. So long, Arnie. Now you're The Terminator. Beat it, Aykroyd: Belushi's got a new Blues Brother.

All totaled, there are 80 scenes available in the game, with hundreds more available for purchase as add-on packs. The game uses the cameras that are part of Kinect and PlayStation Move to film you emoting as your lines appear on screen - or you're welcome to make up your own dialogue. Another game mode allows you to compete with friends in the same scene.

Once you're done, the game will grade your delivery and performance - and you have the option to upload your performance for others to see on Facebook, Twitter or an in-game channel. (The developer moderates all uploaded clips before making them publicly available, to spare people from having to watch things like The Naked Wizard of Oz.)

If you never heard of Yoostar, don't feel too left out. The
original was a PC-only game that required users to assemble a green screen
behind them and install a specific web cam to their system. It was a decent
training system for people who were interested in learning the intricacies of
lighting and special effects, but was hardly a game for the masses.

Lighting's still an issue with the sequel. If you're in a room that's too dark or has too much light, you're going to look a lot different than the other characters on screen. It takes some tweaking to get right.

But ultimately, it's your talent that should really shine, right?


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