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Zynga founder Mark Pincus is bored with games, has no sense of irony

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Entertain Mark Pincus...if you can (Credit: Getty Images)

In what could possibly be a shrewd preface to the impending reveal of “Boredville,” Zynga founder Mark Pincus has publicly proclaimed that he’s not very interested in games these days.

Pincus confessed his gaming malaise on Tuesday night during a visit to Israel. In a Q&A session following a meeting with local tech entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, he was asked to name his favorite game.

“Right now, I’m pretty bored with all games,’’ he reportedly told the gathering.

[UPDATE 10-4-13: According to an interview with Rebecca Rachmany, Pincus was slightly misquoted by the WSJ, saying he was "bored with the current crop of games."]

As a half-hearted explanation, Pincus added that he simply longed for the days when he was crushingly addicted to games like -- what else? -- Farmville.

“I want that addiction again,” he said.

Based on Zynga’s ailing stock price, that's not a shocker.

Pincus isn't the only gamer bored with Zynga's offerings of late. Rival social game maker has supplanted Zynga as the top Facebook game developer, largely on the strength of Candy Crush Saga (by the way, a perfectly fine place to find that addiction again, Mark). Zynga has watched its number of daily active users shrink by 45% in 2013.

The company is currently trading at one-third its IPO price and has pinned hopes of turning things around on new CEO Don Mattrick. Upon being hired in July, the former Xbox boss professed that Zynga had “yet to realize its full potential” and that he was looking forward to bringing it back to its full glory.

Considering his impressive take home pay, he'd better come up with something -- even if it’s just to entertain his bored chairman.

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